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A review on current strategies and emerging treatments in management of silicosis: An ayurveda perspective

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Review Article

Author Details : Dhanashri Tikaram Jawal, Shubhada V Mangrulkar*, Prasad Sherekar, Dinesh R Chaple

Volume : 6, Issue : 2, Year : 2021

Article Page : 40-47

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Background: Silicosis is a possibly deadly, irreversible, fibrotic pneumonic sickness that may create resulting to the inward breath of a lot of silica dust over the long haul. As a rule, silicosis just creates resulting to significant word related presentations. The sickness has a long idleness period and may clinically present as an intense, quickened, or ongoing infection.
Main Body: In this audit the medicines that can lessen the aggravation and scarring in which are as nodular injuries in the upper projections of the lungs. The principle point of audit is to the likely home grown treatment for silicosis. This survey zeroed in on different medicines which incorporate natural plants, neutraceuticals, polyherbals, and herbominerals and furthermore cell based treatment for silicosis.
Conclusion: From that review we presume that the natural treatment which is utilized in treatment of silicosis is potential treatments which incorporate huge quantities of home grown plants, polyherbals, neutraceuticals and herbominerals likewise incorporate the new treatment for silicosis is the cell based treatment.

Keywords: Silicosis, Occupational silicosis, Silicoproteinous, Neutraceuticals, herbominerals

How to cite : Jawal D T, Mangrulkar S V, Sherekar P, Chaple D R, A review on current strategies and emerging treatments in management of silicosis: An ayurveda perspective. IP Int J Compr Adv Pharmacol 2021;6(2):40-47

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